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As an intelligent automation competence center of the RoboRana group, Caudata is specialized in the automation of business processes using digital workforces. Our goal is to automate manual, repetitive tasks using intelligent process automation technologies like Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Artificial intelligence (AI), and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). With a people-first approach, our mission is to bring time back to the human workforce so they can focus on what really matters, adding value.

What we do

Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent process automation (IPA) combines robotic process automation (RPA) with process mining, Intelligent document processing(IDP), analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate high volume repetitive tasks in a none-intrusive way using existing interfaces. We at Caudata believe that existing automation platforms have all the capabilities to create the quick wins as well as the long term solutions and everything in between.

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Integration Services

We believe that, in 5-X years from now, we will see a large decrease of user interfaces used in companies.  The way to go for business wil be a lot of natural language interfaces with human like conversations and little user interfaces like we know them right now. Therefor we strongly believe that pulling the right data, to the right place, with the right insights on the right time will be the name of the game. This can be done via seamless integration, strong API-management and being in control of your processes and data. 

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Artificial Intelligence

We want to bring AI to the processes and data where it really matters and brings value. Recognizing the evolving landscape of automation, it has become evident that applying AI technologies such as intelligent Document Processing,   Machine Learning, Natural language programming and large language modelling is essential to enhance the intelligence of our automation solutions.

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How we do it

Using our end-to-end automation platforms allows us and our customers to reshape the modern workplace and increase efficiency and productivity in their ever-changing landscape of applications and technologies.

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We aim to empower businesses with a holistic automation strategy for unprecedented efficiency and innovation.
Jeroen Van Canegem
Caudata Team Lead
Profile Picture Jeroen Van Canegem, Project Lead at Caudata.

Our partners

We are proud to partner with industry leaders UiPath, Blue Prism, ABBYY and Microsoft to transform the modern workplace. These partners, once synonymous with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), have evolved into comprehensive enterprise platforms offering hyperautomation and end-to-end intelligent solutions.

By integrating their cutting-edge technologies into our automation platforms, we enable our customers to navigate the dynamic landscape of applications and technologies and achieve unprecedented efficiency.

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Get in touch

Profile Picture of Ruben Vermaercke, Founder and Managing Partner of Caudata. Part of RoboRana Group.

Hi, I'm Ruben Vermaercke

My background in finance has given me the insight and flair to develop intelligent solutions. After more than 7 years of experience in this field, I founded Caudata, which today consists of 20 employees and has contributed to the success of over 30 clients.

We look forward to the next ones!

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